This fascinating piece from Dr Mike Ladle looks at the mechanics of how carp feed. This information summarises many of the scientific experiments that have been undertaken and is invaluable in helping an angler time the strike to maximise the likelihood of a solid hook set. “Like most anglers I have often wondered what was happening at the far end of my line – usually … Continue reading HOW CARP FEED


‘The Mayfly’, Ephemera danica, has been well known to trout anglers for a very long time. It is arguably the most well known of the upwinged flies. Most trout fishermen understand that the life cycle of the mayfly follows the pattern of dun – spinner – egg – nymph – dun and that this goes on unceasingly as long as no link in the chain is … Continue reading MAYFLY NYMPH INSIGHTS


Text: Mike Ladle   Feature image: John Kuczala Perch have big eyes and big mouths. These two simple facts suggest that old stripey is a predator largely using its excellent eyesight to find prey. Of course, once they attain a decent size, these fish feed mainly on smaller species or on the young of other fish. The question is do we have any information about when, … Continue reading PERCH (REDFIN) FEEDING BEHAVIOUR