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Most anglers like nothing better than to show off their lure collection and generally it is an eclectic mixture of lure types and colours. Collections are very personal and most of the lures were purchased for a specific species or reason. However, irrespective of how many lures an angler owns, it is likely that the great majority never get used and when they occasionally do … Continue reading THE SINGLE LURE EXPERIMENT


Text: Alan Bulmer   Featured image: Wettie Several months ago I published an article called “Targeting Trevally” which looked at how to improve your success rate when chasing trevally. If you want to view this article then click on the following link:- Late autumn and early winter are prime times to target trevally. There are some things that you need to consider when fishing during the … Continue reading HARBOUR TREVALLY


Text: Alan Bulmer    Images: Paul Smith, Tim Bulmer I’ve written at length before about the things to consider when fishing in winter. Click on the following link for more information:- WINTER FISHING TIPS This is what happens when it all comes together in winter. “The day dawned clear, cold and crisp. Not a cloud in the sky. Mist draped the low lying areas in a … Continue reading WINTER SPINNING


Most people tend to put away their fishing gear at the end of autumn or fish less frequently during the winter. Aside from the fact that the atmospheric conditions are often uncomfortable, people believe that it is more difficult to catch fish during winter with the same regularity as over the warmer months. Is this really the case? In my experience winter fishing in the … Continue reading WINTER FISHING TIPS


The last time we had a warm, settled summer and autumn the kahawai started to appear in the northern estuaries around the end of April. When you get gin clear water, a chilly start to the morning and the promise of a nice sunny day this is what will likely happen….. “The strident alarm clock broke the early morning silence at 6.00 am and I … Continue reading KAHAWAI MAYHEM AT DAWN