Not every fishing is session is full on action, especially when fishing a lure. Despite what the angling magazines would have us believe, it is not uncommon for anglers to have blank sessions or sessions where very few fish are hooked. Even professional guides have tough days where the fish do not seem to want to cooperate. On these days it is important to make … Continue reading NAILING PERCH (REDFIN) ON LURES


Text: Mike Ladle and Alan Bulmer   Featured image: David Miller – Striped Assassins This article from retired UK marine biologist Dr Mike Ladle looks at the scientific studies conducted on perch (Redfin) in Europe to find out what they eat throughout the year. While the research was conducted in the Northern hemisphere it is very likely that the discoveries also hold true in the … Continue reading WHAT DO PERCH EAT?


Text: Mike Ladle   Feature image: John Kuczala Perch have big eyes and big mouths. These two simple facts suggest that old stripey is a predator largely using its excellent eyesight to find prey. Of course, once they attain a decent size, these fish feed mainly on smaller species or on the young of other fish. The question is do we have any information about when, … Continue reading PERCH (REDFIN) FEEDING BEHAVIOUR