4 thoughts on “VIDEO – FISHING THE FLATS

  1. Hello Alan, just ordered one of these rods after reading your review!
    Do you prefer mono or braid with this rod?
    I watched the video and it looks like mono you’re using.
    Enjoyed the review and video.
    Kind Regards,

    1. Hi Gerry, I use Sunline Braid5 exclusively. It is a conventional braid that is colour coded. Different colour every 10 metres with intermediate segmentation. Brilliant stuff which helps you know how far you are casting or deep you are fishing. You’ll love the rod. Cheers, Alan.

      1. Hi Alan, rod arrived today and very nice it is too!
        Build quality is superb and the price has been reduced from £399 to £235 so it’s a no brainer( i think it’s being discontinued)
        The action is somewhat stiffer than i am used to but i’ll get used to it.
        I also bought some Daiwa J Braid which is proving very popular over here and will give it a try as well as my usual Maxima Cameleon Mono.
        I’ll keep you posted!

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