This easy to tie fly is constructed from a foam ear plug. The type of plug used in noise attenuation.



Hook: Daiichi 2546 Saltwater hook. Size: 2/0.

Tail: Three layers. Bottom layer is red Hareline Dubbin Fishair. FH310. Middle layer is pink DNA Frosty Fish Fiber. Top layer is Pearl Hareline Dubbin Krystal flash.

Body: Orange foam ear plug. 1″ in length.



  • Tie in tail layers. Length of tail should be roughly equivalent to the length of the hook shank. Wrap thread to coat the tail materials, whip finish and cut thread.
  • Coat thread with Zap-A-Gap.
  • Cut a lengthwise slit in the foam ear plug using a sharp scalpel. Depth of slit should end at centre of foam. It is easier to cut the foam plug if you place it on the flat face and cut downwards from the tapered end.
  • Slide foam plug over hook, position and hold until Zap-a-Gap sets the join between the cut faces.
  • Coat the join with a thin bead of UV epoxy to seal the join. Set with a UV torch.


  • Coat flat face of foam plug near hook eye with UV epoxy to improve rigidity. Set with a UV torch.
  • Apply Fish Skull Living eyes. Coat with UV epoxy. Set with a UV torch.


Check buoyancy and that the fly sits properly in a bowl of water. Attach to tippet and hit the flats.



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