Just received a copy of Mike Ladle & Steve Pitts new book “Angling on the Edge”. It is a stunning book which covers the exploits of anglers from all around the world.  Perfect for the coffee table or when you need some inspiration to pack up your tackle and head overseas for a change of scene.

Divided into sections covering Indian Ocean, Central America, Transatlantic Relatives (USA), Freshwater Giants, Down Under (Australia, New Zealand and Fiji) and the Caribbean it is full of fishing anecdotes that will get your pulse racing.

Mike Ladle and I have been friends for a long time and correspond regularly. Mike is a renowned fisheries scientist (now retired) and is regarded as a lure fishing guru in the UK. He has written many books on lure, bass and mullet fishing and written regular lure fishing columns in several UK angling magazines. Mike has collaborated on several books with his angling pal Steve Pitts and this is the latest.

Mike helped me enormously when I started lure fishing and in return I used to write anecdotal accounts of my exploits regularly for his Operation Sea Angler website Operation Sea Angler  For Angling on the Edge, Mike gathered his favourite selection of my anecdotes, covering fishing the flats, fly fishing at Taupo and lure fishing in Fiji, and reproduced them in their original format in the Down Under chapter. For that I am humbled and extremely grateful.


If you are looking for something a bit different to inspire future fishing trips, a gift or a book to slip into the Christmas stocking then Angling on the Edge is worth a look. Email Mike Ladle on if you want to order a copy.


One thought on “BOOK – ANGLING ON THE EDGE

  1. I need someone to direct me to a publisher on a book I’ve been working on. . . any takers ?

    To Catch a Fish – Angling Chef © AKA: IN”Fin”IT Honey Hole

    By: Richard Ziert – 2017 — 144,000 + or – words, Readability Score: 8th grade. (244 pages)
    Table of Contents: Page
    Introduction 4

    Fishing Patterns, Catch and Release 5-9

    Selective Harvest 9-10

    Weather Log 10-11

    Thermocline, Oxycline, Turnover 11-13

    Stabilization, Algae, Vegetation, Plankton 13-16

    Coincident Factors, 3D Cline 17-19
    Cold Front Myths, Active Fish 19-24

    Light Penetration 24-26

    Pool Levels, Water Dynamics 26-28

    Photosynthesis. Oxycline 29-32

    Ideal Water Temperatures 33-39

    Water Flow 40

    A Fishing Challenge, Carbon Dioxide 41-43

    Atmosphere, Conditions, Metabolism, Stabilization, Plankton 44-45

    Solunar Theory 45-46

    Water Clarity 46

    Life Beneath the Surface 46-47

    Bait Selection 48-51

    Contributing Opinions 51-52

    The Spawn 53

    Fishing Tips 53-60

    Conclusion – Part One 61-62

    Post Script – Further Illustrations Definition of Terms 89-116

    Food for Thought! By Richard J. Ziert © 511 words – overall readability = 9th grade

    Reading old books on the more scientific approach to fishing, one can note they need editing to catch up with truth versus quasi fiction based on the progress made over the years since they were first published. That and, they don’t want us to believe they are subtly selling baits and tackle. If we don’t reach out for continual education, the situation is like being stuck in a tunnel with no light. To be a better, more successful fishermen, and have greater respect for the environment, the actual title of this piece should essentially be “Food Chain for Thought”. If you don’t want to take this trip, I hope you are happy where you are. Please note however, if fish don’t follow what is here, they will perish (practically and/or figuratively), or at least not succeed in life as well as they would have otherwise. A simple as possible, this material is based on following the laws of nature to for them and for us.

    If we want to write about specific species that’s fine and should come after the fundamentals of life.

    All of life as we know it now exists because of adequate light/warmth. Oxygen, and food all in one form or another in an environment created to and successfully co-mingle all of these. Believe it or not propagation only comes after those three. Of course, scientists will tell you that the level of or the ability of “HIGHER THOUGJHT’ comes into play as fifth dimension with Human beings. Looking at the mini specks of sand we are among the entire bit and pieces of the universe, we are indeed not alone; so please let’s not overvalue our abilities.

    Nothing is real until we or any creature experiences it ourselves/themselves (even trees and bugs). It’s not so much mind of matter, as much as it is what’s in your mind that matters. Formal education is paramount to higher learning. But there is no comparing that education with actual experience on foot or on/in the water. I’ve written “paramount” on purpose to imply the many paths of the climb there leading to quasi knowledge as opposed to real stuff of the actual summit . . . even then, we need to bring ladders with us to go even higher!

    As a part of Human Nature, I’ve learned over the years that some folks couldn’t care less. I’m not going to impose upon you. I’ll take this further to the nitty gritty only if you want me to. If so, you will catch more fish, waste less time doing so, and create within yourselves a greater sense of respect and caring for nature, the environment – without becoming “tree huggers” or anyone who is perversely ingrained with saving life on the planet. So, let me know what you think, and even ad your comments/feelings/senses/tastes/etc. – even spit if you want to and as you see fit (there’s always somebody). After all is said and never done, Teamwork is the best solution to any would be problem before us.


    P.S. Wishful Thinking – Please consider this to be a Preface” to a possible book (editing and re-editing), or web site up that road subtly indicated here.

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