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Lead image: Henry Gilbey ( Recently Dr. Mike Ladle was asked by Robin Bradley of the BASS club if he had any evidence to prove whether or not bass anglers’ catches have declined over the years. After giving it considerable thought this is Mike’s response. “I guess, on the face of it, this is a simple question; do I (and my pals) catch more bass now … Continue reading ARE BASS STOCKS REALLY DECLINING?

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Rod Review – Jackson Ocean Gate Shore Jig JOG-906ML-K SJ

I’ve been looking for a slightly heavier rod suitable for targeting larger fish, especially kingfish, on the flats for some time. My aim was to pair the rod with an IRT 400 spinning reel and have a combination that could stop almost anything I’d encounter relatively quickly. I decided that the rod needed to be 9’6″ long, two piece, have a test curve of around … Continue reading Rod Review – Jackson Ocean Gate Shore Jig JOG-906ML-K SJ

ROD REVIEW: LOX Ambassador 810MT-4 spinning rod

Regular AANZ blog followers will know that over the past few years I have completed the switch from short to long spinning rods, especially those over 2.6 metres in length, as they are ideal for shore-based estuary fishing. The main reasons for this are explained in: – THE BENEFITS OF LONGER RODS In New Zealand the issue, especially when fishing small hard bodied lures and … Continue reading ROD REVIEW: LOX Ambassador 810MT-4 spinning rod


Video: Paul Smith                 Lead image: Henry Gilbey ( This 40 second video shows the power and finesse that can be achieved when side casting lures correctly. Check out how close the lure goes to the hull of the moored boat in the last sequence. The billowing of the shirt sleeve shows how windy it was. It is at technique worth mastering, especially for use in … Continue reading VIDEO – SKILFUL SIDE CASTING

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In order to successfully stalk fish it is important to have an appreciation of what fish can actually see. This is determined by several things, where their eyes are positioned on their head, water clarity and how deep in the water they are holding. There are some fundamental rules of physics which help understand what a fish can see and it is really useful to understand these … Continue reading THE SCIENCE OF STALKING FISH