Hunters wear camouflage clothing to reduce their chances of being seen and there is no doubt that it improves success rates. Does the same hold true for anglers, especially those stalking the saltwater shallows armed with a fly or spinning rod?

Active Angling New Zealand

Text: Alan Bulmer               Images: Mark Hoffman


As you have probably gathered from the images posted on Active Angling I am a firm advocate of wearing camouflage clothing when fishing the flats, especially when using a fly rod. While it may not make much of a difference what you wear if you only fish around dawn or dusk once the sun rises and bathes the flats in light then blending in using camouflage clothing suddenly becomes important. This is especially true if there is vegetation on the horizon behind you when you are standing in the margins.

There are several reasons for this.

Firstly most fly fishermen only have a comfortable casting range of 20 – 27 metres (65′ – 90′). This means it is critical to approach the water slowly and carefully so as to not scare any fish that are potentially feeding within casting range. Anything that makes it more difficult for fish feeding in the shallows…

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