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Video: Mike Ladle & Steve Pitts        Lead image: Mark Hoffman In Part Two of the introduction to saltwater fly fishing series Mike Ladle chats with Geoff Hancock about the tackle he uses as Geoff fishes a tide race. Once again finding a place where fish are likely to congregate to feed is the key to success. Note how Geoff retrieves the fly and the emphasis … Continue reading VIDEO – SALT FLY BASICS (PART 2)

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Text: Mike Ladle         Lead image: Henry Gilbey ( In order to successfully target bass with lures and flies it is essential to gain a detailed understanding their feeding behaviour. The southern and western coasts of the British Isles are almost at the northern limit of distribution of bass although this is slowly changing due to global warming.  Bass in this area are slow-growing and large specimens of … Continue reading BASS FEEDING BEHAVIOUR

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Rod Review – Jackson Ocean Gate Shore Jig JOG-906ML-K SJ

I’ve been looking for a slightly heavier rod suitable for targeting larger fish, especially kingfish, on the flats for some time. My aim was to pair the rod with an IRT 400 spinning reel and have a combination that could stop almost anything I’d encounter relatively quickly. I decided that the rod needed to be 9’6″ long, two piece, have a test curve of around … Continue reading Rod Review – Jackson Ocean Gate Shore Jig JOG-906ML-K SJ

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Just received a copy of Mike Ladle & Steve Pitts new book “Angling on the Edge”. It is a stunning book which covers the exploits of anglers from all around the world.  Perfect for the coffee table or when you need some inspiration to pack up your tackle and head overseas for a change of scene. Divided into sections covering Indian Ocean, Central America, Transatlantic Relatives (USA), … Continue reading BOOK – ANGLING ON THE EDGE

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About 18 months ago I was asked by Kilwell to field test a new Toby colour prototype that they had developed. It was code named Emperor as it looked vaguely like a penguin. Kilwell have been proudly making Toby lures in New Zealand on equipment originally specified by Abu for well over 50 years. Not copies of the Abu design but the real thing manufactured under licence, stamped … Continue reading HAIL THE EMPEROR!

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Lead image: Paul Smith For some time now I’ve been fascinated by the claim that fish feeding behaviour is largely influenced by changes in barometric pressure. The fascination started when I read Ronald Reinhold’s book “Predicting the Bite” (ISBN 978-0-578-04734-8) which discusses how to predict when fish will be feeding based largely on changes in barometric pressure. Reinhold is convinced that barometric pressure is responsible for fish … Continue reading THE BAROMETRIC PRESSURE MYTH


Video: Mike Ladle & Steve Pitts      Lead image: Mark Hoffman This video is a basic introduction to salt water fly fishing prepared by Mike Ladle, Geoff Hancock and Steve Pitts. Check out where they fish, what time of the day, the “flies used” and how Mike, in particular, retrieves them. The underlying message is that you don’t have to cast long distances if you are fishing in … Continue reading VIDEO – SALT FLY BASICS (PART 1)